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RIA/JS is a set of jQuery plugins that let you easily create rich user experiences around server data in your HTML/JavaScript application. 
By bridging the different tiers, RIA/JS helps you quickly build rich, data-centric applications.


image Our BigShelf sample application uses RIA/JS to demonstrate rich interactions with server data.

BigShelf is modeled after polished, modern consumer web sites and enterprise applications.

Download the full BigShelf app – Launch this full version of BigShelf from Visual Studio.

Build BigShelf yourself – Try our end-to-end walkthrough and learn how to build step-by-step a real-world application using RIA/JS.


Examine this suite of scenarios to see how to apply RIA/JS to your application.  These are small snippets of <100 lines of JavaScript that get you started building familiar scenarios.


Simple get

Demonstrates how to use $.dataSource to retrieve list data asynchronously via HTTP GET and visualize the result in an HTML table.


Page, sort and filter

Building upon the previous sample, this sample demonstrates how to add server-side paging, sorting and filtering to a displayed list of data.


In-place property editing

This sample demonstrates simple, in-place editing of data entities loaded from a service.

Adjust the star rating of products as they’re displayed in a table.


Batched editing

This sample demonstrates editing over multiple data entities, where edits are submitted to a service in a batch.


List add/remove

This sample demonstrates adding and removing data entities from a list.

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Birbilis May 4, 2012 at 10:13 PM looks more polished (at least the tutorials)

zbrong Jan 25, 2012 at 4:25 AM 
A very good an moden solution.
use it ,you can easily tracing data state, and emplement MVVM pattern in client coveniently.
I'm using it in my projects, it work very well