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What is WCF Express Interop Bindings

SOAP web services are a common way to share complex data. XML based services enable an interoperable way to communicate between different platforms. However connecting diverse platforms always involved complexities in establishing and configuring web services. What is needed is taking out the guesswork from connecting a WCF web service with Java clients.

The WCF Express Interop bindings is a Visual Studio extension that walks the developer through clear and simple questions about the type of interop they need between a WCF service and the main Java servers:

  • Oracle WebLogic
  • Oracle Metro
  • IBM WebSphere
  • Apache Axis2


The wizard then creates a binding and associates it with a WCF service that can directly connect with the java client. All settings are set to known configurations that have been validated by WS-I testing and the whitepapers Microsoft has authored on the common security scenarios involving Username over token, mutual certificate and with a range of options for the security algorithm and encodings (Text/MTOM). Finally a choice of Reliable Messaging provides the session like behavior for the created web service.

This functionality is offered as either a new WCF Library project or a new WCF Application project.

A binding's ingredients

Each binding has these settings which are tested and verified to work between WCF and the respective java platform.




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