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Application to Push Notifications to web client

Topics: Interop Bindings
Jan 29, 2014 at 10:27 AM
Hello All,

I have a requirement where we need to develop an program that will push update when some action is triggered. Below is the plan from our approach:
Create a service that is capable of pushing notifications (some kind of data) to the web application developed in Java when ever some action is done in the other web client of the service (this is developed in .Net).
From the googling I did to implement this, I found few articles that uses WSDualHttpBinding and the clients are registered to the service. This is actually forcing all the users to register (those who need to push) and will not work for me. I need the service to be able to push the updates made by one client project (.Net web application) to another users of second client project (Java web application).

Please help me understand the best approach to implement this and where the service/program should be hosted on IIS.

Thanks in advance.