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WCF - How to choose the right binding and contracts for long lasting user sessions

Topics: Interop Bindings
Nov 25, 2013 at 8:25 AM
Hi, we are about to migrate from OpenVMS, JAVA 6.0, TOMCAT, Apache Axis2 Web Services to a WS Windows XYZ Server based WCF Service with/without an application server. For that we like to know how we can have long lasting sessions, or to be precise have a client session talking to a state-full-service-providing-object based on a server side WCF envrionment.

Our user login in the morning, and they logout in the evening and during the day each launched client talks to his own state full service providing object unless the user loges out.
This is possible with Apache AXIS2 in scope="sopasession".

Josef Stadelmann