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Topics: Web Api
Jun 30, 2011 at 6:39 AM

From the perspective of a consumer of an API developed with the new WCF-API compared to a traditional REST service developed in WCF4, will:

* The API user notice any difference in the http communication/interaction?
* Will the user get more "REST/standard" compliant results from the new WCF-API?
* Will serialization be exactly the same?
* Better interoperability?

Meaning are there any reason for choosing to go with the new WCF-API when developing a new API, for the reason to be more interoperable, compliant or
user friendly? Or will the WCF-API be a change only for the developer on the server side? (if we ignore your new WCF API client part).

Or from a API user perspective, what will the changes or improvements be compared to WCF4?