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Deployment Guidance

Topics: Web Api
Jun 17, 2011 at 5:24 PM

I have a remote developer who would like to test against my service so I purchased a small ASP.Net hosting package. Initial deployment of the service failed so I set all DLL's to 'copy local' and redeployed. Unfortunately, because its a hosted service I only get a default error page saying to check the server logs for more details. Obviously since its a hosted service I don't have access to the server logs and the data logging I do have access to contain nothing at all.

My solution has an EF code-first deployment with a simple Web API over it and uses JSON.Net to transform the JsonValue method parameters.

Next step is to cut it down to the minimum API method calls returning static data and gradually work up to see if its the new dll's, my code or EF. I'll update on progress but if anyone has any insights I'd appreciate hearing them.