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WebApi vs MVC 3

Topics: Web Api
May 31, 2011 at 5:28 PM

Hope the question doesn't get old Glenn;

I was at your talk at the dev-days in the Netherlands. I shortly spoke to you and to Scott. I also listened to the Hanselminutes you recorded in the Netherlands where you discuss this very topic.

Both you and Scott said that I was on the right track using your stuff to solve our particular problem.

In short; We need a REST services layer on our HR platform. This layer will be used to receive and send data (all json and only json) to a complete client-side framework in the browser. (thousands of lines of dojo code).

But I am not entirely clear; How do the two solutions overlap? Where does WebApi lack when it comes to our demands? Where does MVC lack?

Chances are slim that we won't use the WebApi though, the preview 4 works like a charm and extension mappings and formatters are nothing short of awesome. But still, I want it on record.

Thx in advance Glenn. (again)