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Configuration API

Topics: Web Api
Mar 5, 2011 at 8:20 PM

I am trying to use the new configuration class for injecting some custom behaviors into the WCF pipeline but none of the configuration methods for doing this seems to work in the current bits.

For instance,

public OrderManagerConfiguration(CompositionContainer container) 
            this.container = container;

this.AddServiceConfiguration(description =>
var tracking = new EtwTrackingBehavior
ProfileName = "EndToEndMonitoring Tracking Profile"

if (!description.Behaviors.Contains(typeof(EtwTrackingBehavior)))

That service configuration code does not get executed at all. I also tried to implement the IServiceConfiguration interface in HttpHostConfiguration class or even implement that interface in a separate class and add it with that AddServiceConfiguration methid. None of them seems to work. Am I doing something wrong ?. Is this the expected use for this API ?.